Full Color & Few Peace's?,  Print on Shirts, Hats & More Faster .

Not only can the system work with dozens of material substrates, but it can also print on virtually every fabric type. this system allows to custom print literally hundreds of thousands of other items as well. You can unleash your creativity like no other decoration method .


Transfer printing is a digital printing technique used largely on apparels and most pieces of clothing. It works just as the name implies: we transfer an image directly onto a garment or piece of fabric with a dedicated heat press.  You may also have heard it referred to as sublimation printing.

Using the transfer printing technique we can produce full color, logos and photographic designs, and can print it on almost any fabric. Most fabric printing, textile printing or clothing printing is completed using a transfer printing heat press.   

The benefit is that the designs you want can be very complex and the colors are vivid and bold.

At Creative Studios, we offer top-quality transfer printing as one of our specialist services. We have premium transfer printing machinery and our center experts provide a range of transfer printing solutions.

Our printing shop offer this service and would be delighted to help you bring your ideas to life. Give us a call, drop us an email or simply walk into our stores.

The Creative Studios also offer other methods of printing onto fabric or garments, so even if transfer printing isn’t right for you, we’ll be sure to find a solution that is. We look forward to seeing you!


Custom Vinyl Cut/ CAD CUT

  • Custom Vinyl Cut is considered a printing technique, but there is no real printing involved. What happens is that machine cuts a high quality vinyl paper into the shape of the design. If you have seen this technique before, it will most likely have been on football jerseys. The beauty of this technique is it's inexpensive on low to mid level volume orders and works brilliantly on simple one color designs, names and numbers