Everything Starts With A Logo

Create a beautiful, memorable, and unique logo with Creative Studios and build your brand!
A logo is a meant to be a symbol that represents a business, organization, or individual. Logos oftentimes convey important information about identity and what a viewer of the logo is intended to understand from looking at the design.


What do I get when I purchase a Logo?

When you purchase a logo from Creative Studios, you receive a personalized design file with your business or brand name, your tagline, the color you choose to represent yourself with, and an icon. We offer logo designs focusing on your business name, your business initial, or an icon, with the option to edit your designs to your liking.

You will receive a 300 dpi PNG file and a JPG file that is great for online use.

Why do I need a Logo??

Importantly, you want your business and brand to stand out from the rest and stick with your customer. By using your logo, you establish familiarity, allowing those interacting with your brand the ability to recognize what they are getting and so they know what to expect. Logos create brand recognition- exactly what you need to grow your service. You will receive a 300 dpi PNG file and a JPG file that is great for online use.


Is your Business on Social Media?

A Social Post from Tailor Brands includes your message with your logo, a perfect image for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more! , Your brand shines on social media with unlimited branded posts 

What is a Social Post?

Social Media is the perfect way to boost your brand and grow your number of followers (and potential customers!). Posting on different Social Media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram regularly, is sure to increase your brands' exposure.

A Social Post is a way for you to communicate on social media with images.

What Do I Get With Social Posts?

When you create a Social Post, you’ll receive different PNG files to post on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These will give you the choice of a background, filter, and text, and will also include your brand’s color and logo to resonate with anyone interacting with you on these social sites! You’ll get the files for these websites to upload and share

Why Do I Need Social Posts?

Did you know that research proves that images and videos get more engagement on social media than text-based posts? Like, a lot more engagement. When you have something important to announce about your business or are simply seeking to keep people engaged with your brand, you’ll need a visual that pops. Our Social Posts help you send the message you’d like with visuals that are too good not to use.