Everything Starts With A Logo

Create a beautiful, memorable, and unique logo with Creative Studios and build your brand!
A logo is a meant to be a symbol that represents a business, organization, or individual. Logos oftentimes convey important information about identity and what a viewer of the logo is intended to understand from looking at the design.


What do I get when I purchase a Logo?

When you purchase a logo from Creative Studios, you receive a personalized design file with your business or brand name, your tagline, the color you choose to represent yourself with, and an icon. We offer logo designs focusing on your business name, your business initial, or an icon, with the option to edit your designs to your liking.

You will receive a 300 dpi PNG file and a JPG file that is great for online use.

Why do I need a Logo??

Importantly, you want your business and brand to stand out from the rest and stick with your customer. By using your logo, you establish familiarity, allowing those interacting with your brand the ability to recognize what they are getting and so they know what to expect. Logos create brand recognition- exactly what you need to grow your service. You will receive a 300 dpi PNG file and a JPG file that is great for online use.


Photography for your business..

“Great photography is not a luxury – 
it is often the very first thing a prospective client or customer notices about your business”

Commercial photography

The pictures you choose should not only convey the message you want them to give, but technically should be fit for purpose.
Our wide expertise, standard image processing and free post production advice, will ensure your images can be used how you intended.


 Image editing and retouching

We are happy to provide you with a full image retouching (Photoshop) service is available if required.

Hotel, Resort & Spa Photography

Hotel photographs for your web site and brochures.

Photography to publicise all aspects of your hotel, resort or spa and the services you offer your guests. Hotel photography for print and web use.
We provide the same level of service and attention to detail, regardless of the size of your establishment – from bed and breakfast to 5 star luxury spa, classic elegance or modern contemporary we’re happy to help and are certain we can get the ‘look’ you want.

Food & restaurant photography

If you’ve a restaurant you want to showcase, we also provide location food photography for restaurants and hotels.

Our on-location food photography can be taken in your restaurant or kitchen.

Working with your kitchen team, we can provide promotional images hard to create in a conventional studio environment.

Function rooms and conference facilities

We can help promote your business suites, bars, function rooms and conference facilities, providing you with just the images you want.

Product Photography

Studio and location based industrial product photography

We provides a range of packshot digital product photography services – at your premises .

Our images are always supplied to meet your needs, whether for web use (on-line catalogue photography) or higher resolution print use, for catalogues or promotional material. They come with all our expertise in colour management and high quality reproduction.

Our aim is always to produce product photography that is both informative and eye-catching. We want our product photographs to be just what you wanted, and we can work closely with your web and print designers if required.